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IEP Writing Support for Schools and Districts

A Structure of Support for Your Team 

Recent court cases (e.g., Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District) have demonstrated the importance of monitoring student progress using data-driven present levels and goals. School leaders are often too busy to provide teachers and other practitioners with the direct support they need to write strong IEPs. Professional development oftentimes needs to be supplemented with hands-on application of skills, along with direct individualized feedback. After collaborative work with the Maine Department of Education and consultation with other state Departments of Education, I have collected the most common reasons IEPs are often out of compliance. Of the IEPs I have reviewed, 94% have been legally out of compliance


I will provide teachers and other practitioners with direct, individualized support in writing compliant, data-driven IEPs to improve student outcomes. I will empower them with tools they can use throughout their IEP writing and data collection. 

Individualized Support for Your Team (for each teacher or practitioner, I will):

  • Review one IEP each team member has written and conduct a compliance review

  • Email each team member with written feedback and a compliance checklist: A resource they will be able to keep and use in the future to check their IEPs

  • Meet with each team member one-on-one for a 45-minute consultation to discuss feedback

  • Provide a copy of the written feedback and compliance checklists for the school leader or supervisor, as requested via Google Drive

  • Provide the school leader with a list of professionals who may need extended support 

Support for New Teachers

  • The above structure of support may be utilized with a select group of teachers such as new teachers, or those needing more individualized support. 

Extended Support for Teams:

  • For teachers needing additional support, we can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • We will review how they applied feedback, discuss additional IEPs, and track their progress with writing data-driven IEPs and establishing clear data collection plans. 

  • Extended support may be included from the beginning, or added after the initial team support. 

Professional Development:

If you are interested in offering a professional development workshop for your team, click here: 


If you are looking for IEP support for your team that is not described, let me know and we can create a plan together to support your team. 

Let’s Work Together

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