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Professional Development

Professional Development for Your Team

I have provided over 46 presentations at local and national conferences including 25 invited professional development sessions with special education teachers. I offer workshops for schools and districts with opportunities for engagement and application on the following topics:

  • Data-Driven Present Levels and Goals: Collecting Data and Ensuring IEP Compliance 

  • Writing Data-Driven IEPs 

  • Special Education in Public Schools: LRE, Eligibility, Services, and Fostering Positive Relationships Between Families, Providers, and Districts 

  • Self-Determination for Students: An Introduction and Strategies for Supporting Development

  • Self-Determination Interventions and Assessments 

  • The Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI): An Evidence-Based Intervention

  • Supporting Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Teaching Tips for Special and General Ed. Teachers 

  • Evidence-Based Practices in Special Education 

  • Introduction to special education (disability categories, inclusive education) for general educators

  • Introduction to IEPs for general educators

Professional development workshops may be tailored to the needs of your team. If you are looking for a workshop on a topic not listed, let me know and I will see if I can offer that topic or recommend someone with expertise in that area. 

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your school or district, please call or email.

508-444-2953 (text or voice)

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