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Support for teachers, schools, and districts with writing IEPs 

Empowering Teachers


Dr. Kaitlyn Millen provides individualized support for teachers and other practitioners with writing compliant, data-driven IEPs and establishing clear data collection plans. She consults directly with teachers and works with schools and school districts to establish a system to support practitioners with IEP writing. She also provides professional development workshops and offers consulting for research and other projects such as curriculum development. If you are a teacher, school/program leader, professor, special education director, or other educational professional in need of support for you or your team, she is here for you. 

Headshot of Kaitlyn Millen. She is a white female with dirty blonde hair, wearing a black blazer


"My confidence in IEP writing has grown tremendously through this experience and Kaitlyn always brings feedback in a constructive and kind way that helps you longterm. I will be seeking out as many sessions as I can!"

-Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

"Kaitlyn is very knowledgeable about the IEP process. And, she is great with listening to concerns and providing effective and helpful feedback to individuals and teams."

-Occupational Therapist

"Kaitlyn has been amazing to work with. She explains things clearly and shows how to utilize resources on the web. She’s been able to help me navigate new resources with better focus on collecting data and how it relates to present level and measurable goals."

-Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Kaitlyn Millen, Ph.D. 

508-444-2953 (text or voice)

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